Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The. Best. Workout. Ever!!?

 " Nothing worth achieving is ever easy."

So I am doing this new workout, it's called Power Intervalyogaerobicbeachjediultimatechiselwashboardilates.
It's a fusion of interval training with a gentle beach yoga that encourages a jedi mindset to acheive washboard abs. You get the same results of interval-type training but without the work!.


I decided to write this post (ok rant) when seeing an article in our town's magazine about the latest workout trends and how they "take the 'work' out of your workout". It seems more and more people are gravitating towards these types of classes, especially because many celebrities claim these "fusion" classes are giving them their lean look. Read any magazine and you will see multiple credits towards classes that combine things like yoga, pilates, boxing, ballet, sleeping, etc...everyone is trying to one up each other with the coolest class that will lengthen and tone and cause rapid fat loss while doing 440 reps on each leg. I am not knocking yoga or pilates in any way in fact I encourage my golfers to take yoga as a supplement to their strength training if i feel they can benefit from it. Just yoga alone won't get the job done. Yet lately there seems to be an obsession with "lengthening" muscles. Just for the record,  it is scientifically impossible to create longer muscles!

There is a reason we call it a WORK-OUT.

There is a reason my good friend Dos says DO WORK.

If looking like a sexy fit athletic person is easy then why is america fat???

Achieving those results are simple, but not easy.

I had a woman golfer come to me recently because she felt she needed to possibly train a different way to make her golf game better. She attends classes at a studio in the area that specializes in those ballet/pilates/bar method/lengthen/no sweat type of classes, 3 days a week. Upon screening her she presented like many females-lacking stability & proper strength. After a few weeks of training she would tell me how crazy it was that she was sweating during her workouts with me. She said they don't go heavier than 3 lb weights, she didn't want to get bulky. I'm sorry but even when you give birth kids weigh at least double that and I've never seen anyone get bulky from carrying around their child. Needless to say she was having a hard time fitting in those classes AND workouts with me. That's ok though, I don't have time for those not willing to put in the effort, or lift the weight!

Ladies, we do not carry the hormonal makeup to add the bulk that you are scared of with weight training. I repeat WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TESTOSTERONE TO PACK IT ON LIKE MEN.
And if you think you are of the 3% of women that have the genetic makeup TO pack it on, you aren't. And I know this because I am one of them, so I can tell.

If you happened to catch last night's episode of the Golf Fitness Academy my friend Janet Alexander was featured on the show talking about training females, and they were doing deadlifts, presses, squats, with HEAVY weights. LIFT HEAVY THINGS=GET STRONG

Since when did we have to stop working hard in our workouts?? that takes all the fun out of it!!! AND the results! if you think doing 400 reps will give you the strength to be an efficient athlete, please come see me and I will strength test you to prove you are wrong.

The skinnyfat look is out, the athletic look is in! The athletic look is created by lifting heavy things, being explosive and SWEATING. And doing all those things looks a hell of a lot sexier than pumping your leg up and down 400 times within a 4 inch radius....Am I right guys??

Don't get me wrong, I am talking to you men out there too who are afraid to lift heavy weight. Yes, there are some of you who think you can lift more and you shouldn't, but I don't want to seem I am singling out women in this. I do see more women than men who are afraid of lifting though. We see more men who for some reason are afraid to do anything lower body related and look disproportionate...you know that guy, the one who wears pants and a wife beater to workout yet his legs are so small he looks like hes riding an ostrich...

Kettlebells & TRX is smart fusion. Cardio Strength Training is smart fusion. Vietnamese-Thai is a smart (and spicy) fusion.

Power Intervalyogaerobicbeachjediultimatechiselwashboardilates, is just retarded.

I leave you with a Nike ad. I have always been a fan of their motto  "Just Do It.", because it tells it like it is.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Butt Glue, Funfetti Cupcakes & Puma Shoes

 I figured I would start off my blog with a post reflecting on the figure competition I did back in April. Many people ask me "how did your show go?" and I often struggle with how to exactly answer that, and I end up saying "it was fun, I mean, it went ok"...and they look at me like I have 3 heads. Let me explain..I did this show because I wanted to see if I could really have the discipline and will power to get to the end...could I really completely transform my physique from a quadzilla soccer player into a 5-inch stiletto wearing "symmetrical model". And of course the pictures, and the feeling of accomplishment.
       So started the journey. As an athlete carrying a great amount of muscle, I had the opposite issue of most girls training for this, I didnt have to pack on the muscle, especially in my legs.As a collegiate soccer player, your trademark becomes your butt & legs. Training for this I had to part with my precious Type II fibers, which don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind my legs & butt being a little smaller after always having to find jeans that don't gap in the back (girls you know what i am talking about). Also I realized growing up an athlete and having played many rotary sports, you develop a thicker musculature in your waist-which becomes more apparent as i dropped more bodyfat from my upper body. My waist wouldn't get any smaller, so I would need more size to balance out my lower half from my upper. You are judged on proportion and symmetry, after all. Which brings up another point-I understand this is the sport of choice for many, but as I thought about it, how does it earn the title of sport? You can't sit down and design a program based on the energy system used...at least we know which energy systems are used in table tennis & poker. Oh well, the cool thing is you learn alot about how YOUR body works-what diet works best for you, what workouts are most effective, where you lost bodyfat the quickest, and a shitload of mental toughness. I did a lot of running, up to an hour 2-3 times a week. I combined that with some bodybuilding and cardio strength training.I didn't do too much excessive steady state cardio, because the intervals did the job for me. I will write another post that is more detailed on training approaches for these shows though.

Was it fun? absolutely. Would I do it again? don't know. See the one thing that I kept telling people when they ask when the next show is, is I am not sure because it wasn't very "athletic" for me. I am not putting down the industry by any means, just saying it is a whole different type of challenge, great for mental toughness at most.I met a lot of really cool girls as well, and it's funny, you would think the opposite in an event where women are half naked competing against each other in a purely aesthetic way..there are seemingly  more vindictive attitudes at a bar than a fitness competition.you bond quickly backstage helping to glue each other's bikini on with butt glue. Someone said to me right before the show "Ali, you are in the best shape of your life!" I responded with "Actually, I'm not. I may look great, but if I tried to step foot on the soccer field or golf course right now I would probably hurt myself and laugh at the glacial pace I'd be moving." It goes to show that training to look like a statue does jack shit for performance.I looked great and I am not guna lie, I loved how for the first time jeans, shorts, etc.didnt fit tight around my legs! but I don't think I would trade that for the feeling of performing in sports.

The biggest reason I would not do another show is the effect it has on your everyday life. you start feeling jealous of the people in commercials for substandard places like Red Lobster-because they can enjoy a nice dinner out....I found myself staring at the box of Funfetti cupcake mix at the supermarket...I haven't even had Funfetti since like 3rd grade, but i instantly decided i must have it first thing post-show.When you spend everyday motivating people, being a high energy sometimes over caffeinated person, and all of a sudden you are always tired, grouchy, and blah, it sucks. You go from having veins in your abs to feeling like Pillsbury the next day after eating again. It robs you of your personality, social life, & creates an obsession over an "image". I figured training over the winter wouldnt be so bad-nope, couldn't go snowboarding because I would be too shot after a 6 day workweek and training. And if being tired and grouchy aren't enough, say goodbye to your sex drive too. Every woman has some sort of body issue, and this amplifies anything you may struggle with. Especially after the show when your clothes fit a bit snugger.

The reasons I would do a show again would be to see how I would come in a second time around, maybe training a different way, seeing how i turn out..kinda like an experiment. But I can do that anyway, and I DO do that year round-experimenting with different workouts. I am most proud of the fact that I said I was going to do something, and I talked about it, and I followed through with it. And you know what? it was a great experience, but I would rather have pictures of me at the top of Mt.Kilimanjaro, which to me would be a more satisfying athletic accomplishment-wearing slightly snug pants, and the new Puma faas shoes, because those colors are badass.... But I think I'll start with being able to do 10 dead-hang pull-ups, it's a little more affordable this year =O).